Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello. I have not revealed much of my personal information within my last post so...

This will be my first real blog post. I am trying to stay very anonymous with this blog, but I will still be talking about my interests =). Right now I am trying to buy a 2003 Acura RSX Type-S, but I have to wait for my FAFSA check to come in. Since I am going through community college, I am receiving roughly $2,700 per semester. It will definitely help when purchasing the car, but it is not enough - I will probably have to take a car loan from a bank.

Here it is =D. I'm sure insurance will be expensive also...well not really. I found that Progressive is pretty cheap when it comes to this car - only $100 a month for six months! That is much cheaper from its competitors so I'll definitely be using Progressive if I get this car. Anyways, fall semester is about to start so I have to use my dad's car for now =S.


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  3. niceee set of wheelz.

    Hope your keeping with the MMA game...


  4. nice, I drive a formula firebird with a ls1, wish i had the gas milage of a 4 banger though =\
    ill be posting pics of some of the cars that ive had should check it out follow and support