Monday, September 27, 2010

It is you who is sexy...

Today was insanely hot driving to school. It reached up to 109 degrees today and worst or all my car's AC doesn't even work. I rolled down my windows and set up the sun blocking thing to the side but it was still too much - I was drenched by the time I reached the school's parking lot. At least the classroom had AC, but the trip back was almost as bad. Even though it was already dark the air was still just as hot. In any case, I should stop writing and start on my essay.

Longcat for everyone...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A few weeks into school...

This is probably the third week since college has started. It's been pretty easy so far. Aced all my CIS tests, but I didn't turn in a homework so I lost five points =(. In any case, I don't think that will have that big of an impact in the long run as long as I keep getting A's on the tests. I would say the hardest class is English, which I probably have the worst grade in right now. I only turned in two homeworks and that has caused me to have a C. Hopefully, the essay that is due soon will get me quite a bit of points!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Started College

Well, it seems I'm not using the FAFSA money to get a new car after all. My family and I have decided to use the money to fix our old car and use the rest to buy books and pay back the debt we owe to my uncle. I felt kind of sad that I wouldn't get a new car (yet), but we are going to buy one next year for sure. I'm going to be given my dad's old '95 Mercury Sable LS. Yes, that is the luxury trim (at least).

140hp 3.0L V6 so sexy 1.1 second to 5mph